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Advantages and Disadvantages of Fertility Treatment

There are a lot of fertility treatments out there, from the least to the total invasive. If you are experiencing fertility issues, your doctor will be able to help you figure out the best treatment option for you to receive. It will depend on you and your life habits and how often you have sex.

Frequently fertility treatments need to be combined with some changes, like lifestyle, diet and sometimes include medical intervention


Women don’t need to have a male partner, which is the case of the single moms or same sex couples.

In some places where the population has increased in poverty, contraceptive pills help to control the number of children per family avoiding unexpected pregnancy. It helps women to have a planned pregnancy.

In these cases of fertility treatment, you get a unique and individual diagnosis and treatment for you and your spouse or partner.

Infertile couples that have problems with fertility can go for In Vitro Fertilization. This means that they cannot have a baby naturally, and have to make use of fertility treatment to get pregnant.


In some societies older woman having babies by means of In Vitro Fertilization is off the beaten path and not well seen at all.

Some cultures and religions reject the use of this kind of methods as it goes against their ethical beliefs.

The use of these drugs can also have side effects. In some cases, women have reactions to In Vitro Fertilization. Sometimes it can result in non-planned pregnancy, headaches, mood swings and very rare cases these effects have to be treated forever.

Rarely these methods work at the very first time, usually they have to do it a couple of times to finally get the result they want.

This is not only an issue for women, but men also have this kind of problem. Choosing to use a sperm or egg donor is also commonly used by those people who have problems with their fertility.

This kind of treatments in our opinion are an opportunity to conceive a child for those couples who can’t do due to their fertility issue. And of course, in the case of same sex couples or single people who would want to have a baby.

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Fertility Treatment – What Are My Options?

Pregnancy will always be something serious, because of what it really means and all the complexity behind it. The entire process from getting pregnant through to giving birth is very complex, even more so when you are experiencing fertility issues.

It is known that nowadays that not anybody can get pregnant. This can be caused by a really big number of issues, including natural causes, a recent event involving a tumor, drugs, STDs or age.

And thankfully most cases can be helped by a variety of fertility treatments that tend to focus on ovulation and the female part rather than the male part of the process; this is caused by female fertility being more controllable than male fertility.

You’ll have to keep in mind that the following options won’t be an easy process and may not work 100% of the times, but at some point, they should work.

Surgery and Blocked Paths

This option is one for those women who have genetic defects or simply had the path that the spermatozoon had to take in order to get to the egg blocked.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

In this process, your eggs are taken from your ovaries and then they are combined in a laboratory with your partner’s or donor’s sperm. If the process is successful, they are put back in your uterus.

Fertility Drugs

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Fertility drugs mess with your hormones, having an effect on how much or when eggs are released. Keep in mind that this option comes with some other complex issues that may have some secondary effects on you.

Eggs Donor

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Through IVF it is possible to take a donor’s egg and mix it with your partner’s sperm to then with preparation put it in your uterus. This process may feel weird for some so take it as the last option.

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

ICSI is normally used as an IVF helper relating to male fertility, when it may be tricky, during this process a single sperm is injected to the egg and then transferred to your uterus. In order for the specialists to take the sperm from your partner he may have to go through surgery but it is worth the cost.

And those 5 were the main options for a couple with fertility problems, ranging from physical, to hormonal problems. Do keep in mind that this may take time, but it’s totally possible.